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@Heart to Heart 2017-11-01

“We sought students who would have never been involved with organized Jewish life. And we gave them the keys to the car.” What’s touted as Hillel’s most successful outreach strategy sounds pretty unimpressive to us. Sure you can reach a lot of people, but what about the quality, the depth, and the impact? We’re the biggest proponent of student leadership and empowerment, but giving the keys to the car to people who’ve never driven a car, never taken driving lessons, and maybe never even been inside a car seems terribly irresponsible and ineffective. What if instead we gave leadership roles to vast numbers of students with rich and diverse Jewish communal experience, and empowered them to reach their peers through intimate, meaningful, Jewish experiences and relationships? That sounds much better to us :)

@Heart to Heart 2017-10-30

After a exhilarating Shabbat with Yavneh On Campus fellows, we re excited to see Heart to Heart flourish back on campuses - including at Maryland, Binghamton, UMiami, and USC!

@Heart to Heart 2017-10-16

Have an idea that could rock your campus Jewish community? Want to present an idea to real donors to get funding on the spot? Now s your chance! October 29th the shtarks are coming and it s gonna be a frenzy 🦈💰 PM us or fill out this form (https://goo.gl/forms/5XEq3tmMFJPq3koR2) to submit your idea. Act quickly while there s still time!

@Heart to Heart 2017-09-11

Join these colleges from around the country! Window is closing to apply for the Yavneh On Campus fellowship - www.yavnehoncampus.org/fellowship-form

@Heart to Heart 2017-09-06

Big news! Heart to Heart is now going to be working as part of an umbrella of student leadership called Yavneh On Campus! What does that mean? More support for student leaders doing outreach on their campus, more Shabbatons to bring student leaders together, and a greater investment in our collective vision! More to come -- but for now, make sure to like Yavneh s facebook page. And of course, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

@Heart to Heart 2017-08-07

Happy Tu B Av, from all of us at Heart to Heart! Keep spreading the love, including your love of Judaism, Shabbat, Torah, Jewish people, and people in general :)

@Heart to Heart 2017-08-04

We posted about this Israeli government program previously, but just saw that Heart to Heart (or technically a subsidiary) is listed as a model/inspiration for that program! Though just to be clear, we re not missionaries or settlers :)

@Heart to Heart 2017-07-24

We know this is kind of joke, but it s still an interesting read. On the other hand, if you want to read an Insider s Guide to Shabbat Dinner for Outsiders, check out theheart2heartproject.org/wiki/Shabbat

@Heart to Heart 2017-07-10

Last group of colleges where students who signed up to do Heart to Heart are going: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, UMass Amherst, University of Miami, University of Florida (most Jews in any college outside of Israel!), University of Toronto, University of Southern California, The University of Texas at Austin, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Waterloo, Yale University (check out their logo!), York University, and (last but not least) Yeshiva University!

@Heart to Heart 2017-07-06

While we re not Chabad (and would prefer inviting someone for Shabbat dinner, rather than putting tefillin on them), we definitely value the message and inspiration of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe - in terms of caring about our fellows Jews. And we value our partnership with many from CHABAD on Campus who also spread that message!

@Heart to Heart 2017-07-03

Next group of colleges where students who signed up to bring Heart to Heart are going: Princeton University, Queen Mary University of London, Queens College, Rutgers University, Ryerson University, Santa Monica College, Stern College for Women, Tel Aviv University | אוניברסיטת תל-אביב, The New School, Towson University, The University of Chicago, UCL

@Heart to Heart 2017-06-29

Decentralized, home-based, religious gatherings and outreach. Sounds like Heart to Heart for Christians :) h/t Adam Simkin

@Heart to Heart 2017-06-23

Great article by the San Francisco based Jewish Community Federation, about models of engagement and belonging that are reshaping the Jewish community! And @Heart to Heart s model got a shoutoutnging diverse people together around welcoming Shabbat tables ha[s] given us tools and mindsets to build authentic relationships with people who feel excluded from Jewish life.

@Heart to Heart 2017-06-19

Next group of colleges where students who signed up to do Heart to Heart are going: McGill University, The University of Melbourne, University of Michigan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Monash University, Montgomery County Community College, Muhlenberg College, Northwestern University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania!

@Heart to Heart 2017-06-16

The Wall Street Journal asks the same question we ve been asking for almost a decade: Whom Have You Brought to Shabbat? Shabbat shalom!

@Heart to Heart 2017-06-14

Next group of colleges where students who signed up to do Heart to Heart are going: John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Johns Hopkins University, Lander College for Women, University of Leeds, List College, The London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE, המרכז האקדמי לב, Manchester Metropolitan University, Marianopolis College, and University of Maryland!

@Heart to Heart 2017-06-14

It looks like even the Israeli government is getting on board with Heart to Heart - getting religious Israelis to host their peers for Shabbat meals! @Religious Services Minister of Israel

@Heart to Heart 2017-06-13

Next group of colleges where students signed up to get involved in Heart to Heart are going next year: The Cooper Union, Cornell University, My Dawson College, Emory University, Fashion Institute of Technology, University of Guelph, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hofstra University, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Hunter College

@Heart to Heart 2017-06-02

Here s the first group (alphabetically) of colleges where students signed up to get involved in Heart to Heart are going next year: Barnard College, Baruch College, Binghamton University, University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, Brandeis University, Brooklyn College, University of Cambridge, The City College of New York, and Columbia University in the City of New York. Interestingly, a lot of universities in England (shoutout to Haverut, our UK partner!) and in NYC. Shabbat shalom!

@Heart to Heart 2017-05-26

18 schools, 21 presentations, and over 300 students going to 70+ colleges who signed up to get involved in Heart to Heart! For those who didn t sign up yet, or to find out more, Jeremy Tibbetts is also going around Israel the next week to speak and meet with you! We ve got big plans for Jewish life on campus this coming year -- stay tuned for more info... Shabbat shalom!

@Heart to Heart 2017-05-16

It s that time of the year again, when a new generation of college students signs up to bring Heart to Heart to their campuses! If you re in Israel (or know someone who is) and want to talk about Jewish life on your campus, get in touch with Hart Levine. He s there for the next week, speaking at 18+ schools to spread the good word!

@Heart to Heart 2017-04-24

We re hiring! If you know someone who d be good to help bring Heart to Heart and some related programs to the next level, pass it on or let us know!

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A network of Jews sharing Jewish life with their peers - through Shabbat dinners, friendships, and community. Join us and spread the love!

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Heart to Heart is a grassroots movement of Jewish college students sharing Jewish life with their peers on college campuses. Based on the values of loving all Jews and caring for others, the goal is to connect Jews to Jewish life - by Jewishly involved students sharing their experiences, their community, and of themselves. That happens through initiatives such as intimate Shabbat dinners, explanatory learning, and holiday programming, integrated with friendships and heart-to-heart conversations.


Our mission is to include uninvolved students in Jewish life by empowering Jewishly involved students to share meaningful experiences and relationships with their peers. We re carrying out this mission by setting up a grassroots movement on college campuses to promote welcoming and meaningful Jewish communities and practices.


Heart to Heart was founded in 2008


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