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A framework for inclusive growth.s will need to continue an evolution from prioritizing business attraction and marketing to making long-term investments in competitiveness, while also focusing on ensuring that more residents can connect to economic gains.

Looking forward to getting together with the 2018 court for the Miss Carnaval Miami prize distribution...coming soon!

MENSAJE DEL DIA 20 de diciembre de 2017 Mensaje de la Pizarra de Prashanti NilayamOM SRI SAI RAM La mente de ustedes también está llena del mundo, y su estómago demanda demasiado tiempo y energía. Sus deseos y carencias se multiplican más rápido que su capacidad de satisfacerlos, y sus sueños son demasiado caprichosos, conduciéndolos a victorias falsas y aventuras absurdas. Absortos en el análisis del mundo material, han perdido todo sentido del espíritu, la dulzura y la sublimidad. Bajo este nuevo ordenamiento, la verdad es sólo otra palabra en el diccionario. La compasión se reduce a una parodia sin sentido. Las personas carecen de confianza en sí mismas. A la menor provocación se transforman rápidamente en bestias salvajes y perversas. La humildad, la paciencia y la reverencia son tan deleznables como una lámpara demasiado distante o apagada. La única esperanza que ustedes tienen en la terrible oscuridad de hoy, es el nombre de Dios. Esta es la balsa que los llevará a través de ese mar tormentoso, oscurecido por el odio y el miedo, agitado por la ansiedad y el terror. Aférrense a él contoda determinación y fe inamovible. (Discurso Divino, 26 de febrero de 1968)

Our Scholarship Program alumnae are some truly amazing individuals. Here s a great article from alumna Bridget Pelaez on her passion to help those that are truly in need after disasters and her involvement with Florida International University s Florida Advanced Surgical Transport Team. In her own words, Bridget is td of crazy girl who will tell people that [she] wants to help save the wore couldn t be prouder of all that Bridget has accomplished and are proud to have had her as part of the AFW Scholarship Program.

Halloween is just around the corner, and many decorations, parties and costume related activities have begun. Here are some things to keep in mind to make things safer during all the fun.

The community prayer garden. A little Oasis of love, peace and beauty. We celebrate all God s wonderful works. 4150 NW 7th ave, Miami Fl.

@1Loves AGAPE Inc. 2017-02-16

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Our play is becoming a musical! #KidsAndWriters #KidsAndSongsters #KidsAndActors #SayNoToBullying

In recent weeks, Houston experienced deadly historic flooding (the worst in 100 years) that has claimed lives and caused an approximate $5 billion in damage. Our Sealy, Texas dome was put to the test and we’re proud to report that our pre-emptive early engineering efforts continue to produce the desired results, primarily keeping our clients’ assets and our regional operating office secure. When ABC Domes worked on developing civil plans, we engineered and built to the 500 year flood plan, paying particular attention to our own extreme storm drainage and retention pond capacity plan.

Happy Mothers Day to my teen mothers! Its been truly a pleasure watching you grow into mature young parents. I get to see you reach many milestones. I look foward to each and every one of you going out being productivr citizens.