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Rotaract club of young professionals gave us a thorough insight on their projects and the incoming goals! Looking forward to working together in the upcoming year!

Thank you mama Ingrid for this day it was beautiful and the kids had a lot of fun :)

Mkutano wa wadau wa kupinga vitendo vya ukatili wa kijinsia katika masoko. Katibu wa Soko la samaki ferry akitoa mrejesho wa hali ya vitendo vya ukatili wa kijinsia katika Soko lao.

@SHIVYAWATA 2017-12-04

Retweeted HelpAge Tanzania (@HelpAgeTanzania): Indeed disability is not inability @HelpAge @ShivyawataTz https://t.co/o9O4lGJcrv

MEET THE MINISTER 2.0 | However you look at it, our country is inextricably linked to the rest of the world. Our businesses earn a large part of our bread and butter beyond our borders, good for a third of our income. Our favourable position is by no means given. That is why I will support our businesses by promoting trade and investment. Moreover, businesses are indispensable in offering people a perspective to a better life. Together, we create jobs and prosperity. NGOs and trade unions join us on trade missions and come to agreement with businesses and civil society organisations on environmental and employment standards. Other crucial issues are help for people who have been forced to leave hearth and home, and tackling climate change, terrorism and poverty. Because more stability over there also means more stability over here. Sigrid Kaag is Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

Be inspired, amused or both: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/31/books/hilde-lysiak-child-reporter.html?smid=fb-share

TAMASHA la Kijana PAZA SAUTI linafanyika katika Viwanja vya Furahisha, Mjini Mwanza. Karibu Ungana Nasi

@GEPF Tanzania 2017-10-14

Ikiwa leo ni siku tunakumbuka kifo cha Baba wa Taifa hili hatuna budi kumuenzi kwa kuyafuata yale aliyokuwa akiyapigania.

I was speaking with Pastor Tchaku on an international call today. The connection was weak at times and often delayed. He’d say something that I’d respond to but I could tell there was significant lag time between what I said and what he heard. Eventually, the connection dropped completely. It was disappointing because I really wanted to hear about an exciting door of opportunity that had opened for him and texting would have been way too long to get all the details. What I really wanted was to sit down with this person, face to face over some coffee and enjoy this wonderful moment of communication. Have you ever felt that way about God? You want to talk intimately with him. Get real and lay it all on the table BUT it sorta feels like my conversation today… the connection seems weak and the response time delayed. May I share something with you? Unlike my call, the connection to the Lord is always open and STRONG! No delays in Him hearing you. Yeah, but I’m sure the Lord doesn’t want to talk to me after what I’ve done! (Or what I’m doing now!) Really?! Let’s take a walk back to the garden of Eden after Adam blatantly disobeyed God. Of course, the Lord already knew what happened and why Adam was hiding out in the bushes with his wife but He STILL CAME TO SEE HIM! He didn’t kick Adam to the curb in disgust and serve him an eviction notice without even showing up. He had a conversation with his child! He gave Adam and Eve a chance to talk about their actions. He then clearly explained the consequences of their behavior and why they now had to leave the garden. Everything was done in love. Do you want to talk to God? The connection is open! Go have the conversation. He’s waiting on your call! Blessings! Edwina ACYOM Senior Ambassador

Thank you AVC Volunteer Center: Life Orphans Home at Boko Dawmediately after receiving donated ,Foods and other Gifts from Afri-Tanzania Volunteers for Change (AVC) AVC team thanks all volunteers who join and share love with these Orphans and their X-mass and Happy New year Gifts. We appreciated for your donations that make the smiles of these Orphans children. God Bless You All!!

Kwa mujibu wa sheria ni kosa la jinai kwa mtu kumkopesha mtu mwingine fedha kwa riba. Benki au taasisi za fedha pekee tena ambazo zimesajiliwa kwa mujibu wa sheria ndiyo zinaruhusiwa kukopesha kwa riba. Na riba ya benki haitakiwi kuzidi 2% kwa mwezi ambayo ni sawa na 24% kwa mwaka. Unakuta mtu anakopeshwa fedha na riba kubwa ya hadi 100%. Hela anayokopeshwa mtu kutoka kwa mtu mwingine inaitwa KARADHA. haitozwi riba, hata kama mmeandikishana..