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@ATA Maldives 2018-06-30

Filitheyo Resort, situated in Faaf Atoll is a breath-taking island paradise of leafy jungle foliage and sparkling white sand. Filitheyo is a proud member of ATA. #ATAMaldives #AAAHotels #Maldives #Filitheyo

ESG ge aharee dhuvas faahaga kurumuge gothun beyvi dinner night ge therein.(16.12.2017)

ބަސް ހެޔޮ ގޮތުގައި ބޭނުންކުރައްވާ! bas heyo gothugai beynunkuravvaa!

Day 16 - Aishath Ibahath, our Director, Referral and Monitoring, emphasizes that advocating for women s rights is also supporting human rights as entailed in religion, Constitution and legislation. As the 16 Days of Activism Against GBV comes to end on 10 December, which is the Human Rights Day, we reiterate that our Constitution guarantees human rights to everyone leaving no one behind. We thank everyone for joining us on this year s #16daysofactivism campaign and your continuous support for the campaign in ending gender-based violence, domestic violence and violence against women would definitely contribute to building a just and peaceful society. #orangetheworld #16daysofactivism #16days #16daysmv #OrangeMaldives #ThinakunEkehggeEkuveriyeh #leavenoonebehind

Minister Ahmed Munawar meeting with Director General of Asian Development Bank, South Asia Regional Department Mr. Hun Kim to discuss ADB projects including the Greater Male’ Waste Management Project.

Seeing these faces brought me utter joy. You were a part of mipstar & will always belong to the mipstar family. X staff & present visited me today. Yes. I love you all and will forever be grateful for doing more than a job during your time with me. I hope each one of you shine in your place of study or current employment.

Maldives Polytechnic Senior Management team met with Maldives Police Services officials and discussed in ways, how to improve Polytechnic security for students safety.


Aishath zalkha zuhuree ah vany blood cancer (leukemia) jehi thiya fariyy thakuge dheelathi ehy ah beynun vefa eve.veema mi thuthu kujjaa ah vedheven oeh minvarakun ehee ge atheh foaru kohdhevvaa.. Abdhulla zuhuree A.098896, nirolhuge/f.bilehdhoo.. MVR A/C no. 7730-000090-541 (Zimna zuhuree) USD A/C no. 7730-000090-542 (Zimna zuhuree) (aishath zalkha zuhuree ge ehbandu ehbafaa dhahtha) mi a/c beynun kurahvany zalkha ge bappa (abdhulla zuhuree) india ga..

শিলা বৃষ্টিসহ ঝড় শুরু হয়ে এখন কিছুটা শান্ত হয়েছে। তবে এই শান্ত থাকার কারন হচ্ছে সম্ভবত আরো বড় কিছু অপেক্ষা করছে সবার জন্য। প্রস্তুত থাকবেন।