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You are managing a research project in malaria. You re supervising a team of enumerators who do data collection and reports to you. You have done a programming in a CAPI application that allows skips for certain questions base on the previous response (s) from a study participant. Your skip is logical programming that guides your data quality checks. Now, you noticed that one particular enumerators constantly choosd the frequency of this is high when you compare it with other enumerators on your team. Remember that each skip leads to missing value problem which affects analysis if they are not carefully take care of. Here are some remedies to sorting this kind of problem and maintaining high quality data which would lead to correct analysis in final stage. Identification of the underlying possible causes and remedy: 1. Either there is a problem with the programmer who developed the CAPI application. He or she initiated a wrong logic programming. Remedy: Review programming of the questionnaires in the software you used to develop the data collection tools and make corrections in case there exist an error. 2. It could be that the enumerator who reports constakes to rush the survey without paying attention to details during the interview or probably doesn t like to further prob so as to get a response. This could be he/she is engaged into other activities that he tries to carelessly manage his/her between the two thereby resulting to a negative effect on the survey he/she administers. Remedy: Check the start time and end time of the survey and compare them to the other enumerators to see the frequency and identify inconsistency. Or if this occurs during the midline or endline survey, check the previous data of those surveys to see if the information is consistent over time or not and if it s inconsistent, query the enumerator involved. 3. It is possible that the other enumerators might be faking data on those questions so that they don t repoth the notion that they are not detailed-oriented thereby leading them to report fake responses. Remedy: Repeat the second second remedy in all aspects. 4. There could be possibility that that particular enumerator who reports constauld just be interviewing the wrong individuals. Remedy: Ensure you have proper tracking information for all study participants and that these information is verified. You as the researcher could as well select those variables that your enumerator reports constad do a back check on each of them with the same respondents but this time with a completely different team of enumerator (Back check Enumerator).

Grand Bassa County breaks ground for the construction of Sports Academy!! Neekreen Statutory District ,Grand Bassa County was a place of CELEBRATION on Saturday September 23,2016 when citizens of Grand Bassa officially broke ground for the construction of a sports academy. This project was lunch by Montserrado County senator Jeraldine Doe Sheriff with LD 175,000.00. It is founded from sen. NYONBLEE KARNGA LAWRENCE legislative project fund. Bravo sen Lawrence, Bravo Grand Bassa county. Indeed, we are the CHAMP.