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@iHub 2018-06-28

Maarifa Kona hosted the first bootcamp for innovators from Garissa and Marsabit

Dr. Gichuki giving an update from the county of Nairobi

Lawyer Charles Nyachae sworn in as judge of East African Court of Justice KAMPALA, Uganda 23rd Feb, 2018— Charles Nyachae, Kenya’s nominee for judge of the East African Court of Justice, was sworn-in before regional leaders at their summit in Kampala on Friday. Nyachae, the former chairman of the Constitutional Implementation Committee (CIC), took the oath to protect the interests of the EAC and its people. The Court of Justice is one of the institutions of the EAC. The Kenyan lawyer is well known in legal circles across the region, and his nomination was met by warm applause. His nomination was announced by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and Nyachae was later congratulated individually by regional leaders after he was sworn in. Nyachae, robbed in red, will take office 1 July 2018. The East African Court of Justice was established under Article 9 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the EAC. It is an international court whose responsibility is to ensure the adherence to law in the interpretation and application of and compliance with the Treaty. According to Court documents, its jurisdiction “is to hear and determine disputes on the interpretation and application of the Treaty; Disputes between the Community and its employees arising from the terms and conditions of employment or the interpretation and application of the staff rules and regulations; and Disputes between the Partner States regarding the Treaty if the dispute is submitted to it under a special agreement” It also hears “Disputes arising out of an arbitration clause contained in a contract or agreement, which confers such jurisdiction on the Court to which the Community or any of its institutions is a party; Disputes arising out of an arbitration clause contained in a commercial contract or agreement in which the parties have conferred jurisdiction on the Court.” The Court’ jurisdiction “may be extended to human rights at a suitable date to be determined by the Council”, according to its documents.

Thank you for helping us safeguard and restore wetlands in 2017!

We celebrate the passing of Resolution 2250 by United Nations which has given young the impetus to play a greater in global peace & security. Kudos to #UNOY

@BAKE Kenya 2017-12-08

The quest to get that Gucci bag and shoes via Potentash

The future man of kenya willing to be independent and self sufficient. Our grannies from spain are back and teaching us house scences. Today is about ironing shirts! House chores in good company can be fun. #TKT #thekobotrust #learnbydoing #equalityofthesexes #genderequality #kenya4tomorrow

@Landmark - Kenya 2017-12-02


Saturdays and Sundays are the days we have the least volunteers in the Morning. What are you doing in your mornings this (and upcoming) weekends? How about volunteering at New Life? #IAmNewLife

@EcoZoom 2017-11-17

EcoZoom is dedicated to bringing healthy, efficient and eco-friendly products to people worldwide. Our cookstoves us up to 70% less fuel, produce 60% less smoke and our solar powered lights are essential to people living without electricity. Go to www.ecozoom.com to learn more!

@Uweza Foundation 2017-11-15

Karen Miller was a dear friend, steadfast Uweza supporter, and the driving force behind the creation and continuation of our Bright Futures program, which empowers young women entrepreneurs in Kibera through business training, business loans, life skills training and income generating activities. A few weeks before her passing in June, we started discussing with Karen and her family a bracelet that would be created here in Kibera and sold in her honor. Last night, at an event held by our partners the Junior League of Evanston - North Shore, we were proud to debut the KLM Legacy Bracelet. Each bracelet was handmade at the Uweza center by women living in Kibera. Each colorful bead on the bracelet represents a relationship, event, or experience in Karen s full and vibrant life. The proceeds from the sales of the bracelets will fund the Bright Futures program. Karen dedicated her life to service, compassion for others, and generosity of spirit. The KLM Legacy Bracelet combines her passion for creating economic opportunities for women and her passion for supporting Kenyan women artisans and designers.We will forever be grateful to Karen for her support and encouragement. To learn more about Karen, Bright Futures, and the KLM Legacy bracelet, visit: http://www.uwezakenya.org/klm/

What are some of the interesting facts about Mt.Kenya ? #7summitschallenge #DiscoverKWSParks

It is said that Emotions are Energy in Motion. When we do not allow the movement of this energy, it stagnates and when this happens it leads to physical symptoms that have to be addressed soberly. Unfortunately most of the time we dwell so much on the physical symptoms that we forget to take care the Energy in Motion behind it which then leads to recurrence of the symptoms in different forms. The good news is, You can address both of them by allowing the energy to move through gentle connected conscious breathing. If you need more information on how to do this, please get in touch. Lovely weekend pals😍

@PesaCheck 2017-11-03

PesaCheck Managing Editor Eric Mugendi spoke to Poynter about the verification work he and his team were doing during and immediately after Kenya s repeat presidential election. #FactCheck #NewsVerification #Misinformation #FakeNews #MisInfo

The following is a summary of everything you need to know about the nullification of the Kenya Presidential Elections... http://eaclj.org/general/247-faqs-on-the-nullification-of-the-kenya-presidential-election.html

What the National Budget (2017/2018) says about youth empowerment.

@GreenChar 2017-01-30

GreenChar is hiring! Are you or anyone you know interested?GreenChar is bringing affordable clean energy to Kenyan households and institutions. We re hiring professional sales representatives to help us achieve our goals! See/Share the link below for more details. http://www.greenchar.org/greenchar-sales-representative/

@Store254 2017-01-29



The train just went by. It didn t even stop at the station. Whoooooooooooosh😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

@WAYAN Kenya 2016-06-22

Ever wondered why peer education is highly successful? Well, Research suggests that people are more likely to hear and personalize messages, and thus to change their attitudes and behaviors, if they believe the messenger is similar to them and faces the same concerns and pressures. #MYP in #SRHR


my name is wassanii arts my friends, my fellow actors, clients,brothers and sisters are bieng killed in my neighbouring country Burundi, I want u to tell you let everyone know.I AM BURUNDI #iamburundi #stopthekillings

Mombasa schools had their exhibition today. 22 schools participated. Mombasa WSWM rocks!!!

Good Morning Ladies. Did you miss the Open Classes last week? Here is a bonus. Wednesday 14th May at Kileleshwa Othaya Road Gate 29, from 5:30pm. ITS TIME TO RENEW YOURSELF. Contact us: 0719 504 104 , 0717 706 474.