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On behalf of CEDEN International Board and Management, we wish to announce the Newly Appointed Deputy Country Director of CEDEN International (The Gambia Chapter) His Name is Matar Saidykhan. He has served as the First (1st) President Of CEDEN International Student Union,and throughout his term as President of the Student Union, He is really a hardworking and innovative leader which handled the Union with a great leadership example. Not only for CEDEN International, but he has served Humanity Worldwide through several Like minded organisations just as us. That s why before his term ends as President Of The Student Union by the 14th of this month, without no hesitation or doubt, we decided to bring him on board to serve CEDEN International - The Gambia Chapter in the capacity of the 1st Ever Deputy Country Director. Congratulations to you Matarr Saidykhan in ur New Office at CEDEN International. ๐Ÿ‘ซ๐Ÿ“š๐ŸŽ’


@Sukuta Trust Fund 2017-06-13

INVITATION TO FOUNDATION STONE LAYING FOR BUILDING OF A MORTUARY, LAUNDERETTE AND REHABILITATION WORK AT SUKUTA HEALTH CENTER The Sukuta Trust Fund, a community based trust fund committed to mobilizing resources from Sukutarians and other donors towards the development of local facilities and amenities, in collaboration with Sukuta Diaspora Community UK Chapter have mobilize funds to undertake major works at Sukuta Health Center including building of launderette and rehabilitation of perimeter fence, security house at the main entrance and Dinbaa bung (Mothersโ€™ house). The foundation stone laying for this project is slated as follows; Date: Saturday 17th June 2017 Time: 11:00am - 12:30pm Venue: Sukuta Health Center, Sukuta In this regard we cordially invite you to grace the foundation laying for these projects and participation to make this occasion a success as we look forward to implementation of similar schemes in the community and neighboring settlements. Kind regards Suwaibou

TRAINING OF TEACHERS, SCHOOL HEALTH CLUBS AND LUMO COMMITTEE MEMBERS ON WASH AND COMMUNITY LED TOTAL SANITATION Water supply and sanitation are among the most basic requirements of lives thus, the availability of clean water and sanitary facilities that are supported by education and promotional activities contribute in the reduction of water borne diseases and open defecation in a given community. Promoting hygiene and sanitation is therefore crucial in the protection of safe drinking water supply systems and practice of sanitation and hygiene. To support the actions and conditions to maintain or enhance positive hygiene practices, HePDO in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Department of Community Development conducted WASH assessment and training of teachers, environmental health groups and Lumo committees on Hygiene and Community Led Total Sanitation in all the schools, madrasas on the 12th October to 27th November 2015 and Lumo Committee Training within or near the Rural Water Supply Sanitation Project intervention sites on the 12th โ€“ 19th September 2015. The assessment conducted in 39 schools revealed that 85% of them have access to clean and protected water whilst 77% travelled a distance of <15m to their water sources. Of the 10 madrasas assessed, about 62.5% were found to have clean and protected water sources. As for the three Lumos assessed, only one had water sources of its own. School environment was generally clean with about76% (30 schools) of the schools maintaining very clean school environment whilst about 66% (26 schools) kept their classes clean by using improvise dustbins for waste storage. Compared to the classes, the cleanliness of the toilets was much to be desired with about 62% of the school toilets kept unclean. Sanitation was generally fair in the schools and Madrasas because of the availability and use of VIP latrines. Water and soap in or near toilets was lacking in 31 (79%) of the schools. Sanitation in the Lumos was generally poor due to inadequate sanitary facilities and improper waste disposal methods. Peer Health groups were only found in the Basic Cycle Schools but very inactive due to lack of motivation and unavailability of IEC promotional support materials. The Objectives for the training was; To assess WASH situation in Schools, Madrasas and Lumos and To equip Lumo committees, Teachers and Environmental Health clubs with the required knowledge and skills on WASH and CLTS A total of 1157 participants comprising 510 Teachers, 614 Environmental Health Committee members and 33 Lumo committee members benefited in the training on Hygiene and Community Led Total Sanitation. A combination of approaches including the use of IEC support materials, theoretical presentation and practical demonstration were used to equip the participants with skills and knowledge on hygiene and CLTS. At the end of the training each of the target groups in the Schools, Madrasas and Lumos developed action plans to guide their hygiene and CLTS promotional activities. Overall, the WASH assessment identified key sanitary challenges whilst training enabled the participants to understand better safe hygienic practices and the concept of CLTS as a way ending open defecation.

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